Create a Wish Store in Three Easy Steps

  • 1. Get ShopMaster

  • 2. Connect to Wish

  • 3. Find and import products by one-click

Great service , great people and super experience! Love this extension! Very easy to use! I was always searching for an extension like this and finally it's here!

- Alicia Woodson

  • Simplest and Quickest Way to Launch a Wish Store

    Bulk import from 30+ top dropshipping suppliers and import from local warehouse

    It's like importing products with your mind. The free ShopMaster Chrome Extension enables you to add up to 100 products to store for each time from 30+ top dropshipping suppliers include AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Banggood with just a few clicks! No ideas about where to find trending products? We have you covered with hot dropshipping products for choice.

    One-click import product and bulk import
  • Automate Everything

    Auto-purchase orders in bulk and sync tracking numbers from suppliers to your store automatically

    Saves hours of time and eliminate mistakes. ShopMaster automates your fulfillment workflow through API. You can fulfill up to 300 orders for each time with just a few clicks. Giving you more time to making more sales and providing better customer service.

    Auto order and bulk orders
  • Wish Dropshipping Made Better

    Shipment tracking & daily product monitor

    With the shipment tracking feature, you can track every shipment details of your clients. Daily monitor price and inventory changes from suppliers and update to store automatically. Remove the barrier of the information gap.

    Shipment tracking & daily product monitor
  • Grow and Scale Your Wish Dropshipping Business

    Multiple stores and staff accounts & detailed sales reports

    Maximize efficiency by managing all your stores in one ShopMaster account. With Sales Reports, you also monitor your sales in real-time.

    Multiple dropshipping stores and staff accounts & detailed sales reports
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