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What To Sell Online: 8 Unique Dropshipping Products For 2020

By Vlad Matveeff

What To Sell Online: 8 Unique Dropshipping Products For 2020
Apparently, you are in search of suitable dropshipping goods to sale in 2020. Alright, then you're on the right way. Accordingly, there are lots of incredible goods that could be chosen for sales, but consist of the fact that the choice is large enough, it is sometimes quite difficult to make a choice.

I’ve analyzed the best dropshipping goods to sell, which won’t disappoint you in any case. All of these dropshipping goods that I used in the article were taken for review based on statistics provided by information tools such as Shopmaster, Google Trends, research from social networks,  as well as my own entrepreneurial knowledge.

Cellulite Remover

Cellulite is such a question that is always acute among a large number of people, therefore this niche does not fade from the word at all. Like everything else in this segment was a product which, in turn, has already established itself. The new cellulite massager is a high-tech device that fits perfectly into the market, as it in turn raises sales on the market of cellulite creams.
What To Sell Online: 8 Trending Products For 2020 - ShopMaster free dropshipping solution

Crystal Water Bottle

Today Instagrammers are not interested in fruit or infused water, they are more interested in water with healing crystals. As would the being asked, the bottle with fixed crystals harvest considerable interest around themselves, and in especially they become fashionable for conducting spiritual processes. Google Trends showed that in 2019 this product was in great demand. This kind of bottle is mainly famous among people practicing Feng Shui and professionals in the field of wellness of the new time.
What To Sell Online: 8 Trending Products For 2020 - ShopMaster free dropshipping solution

In the sales of wellness products, marketing plays a key role. In this case, the ideal marketing element is crystals with healing properties. A good description is a way to success. It is not necessary to say something like "crystals will completely cure your body of all problems", it is better to say something like "crystals help you to be concentrated". This way of marketing helps you get people's attention who want to have an Instagram wellness game.

Logitech G403 Gaming Mouse

The next unique product is the Logitech G403 gaming mouse. The sphere of eSports and the gaming industry as a whole is developing extremely fast. Accordingly, more and more players are thinking about changing their gaming peripherals to a more modern one. As a rule, it can be mice, keyboards, headphones. This kind of product is suitable for any age, as the audience of video games has no boundaries.          

ESports industry in recent years has gained stability in the market, which significantly influenced the development of brands such as Logitech, Asus, Steelseries, etc.. From now on, each manufacturer cares about the quality of their products, thereby providing the best experience of the game.
What To Sell Online: 8 Trending Products For 2020 - ShopMaster free dropshipping solution

Microwave Cleaner

Steam cleaner for microwave ovens is very clear and easy to use. The principle of operation is as follows: Add water vinegar and water to the cleaner, then place it in the microwave, wait about 6-8 minutes, the result will not take long to wait. Dirt and stains will magically disappear. Next, you have to clean the microwave with dry cloth and remove the steam cleaner until the next time.

Since the product is very easy to use, I predict that it will be a great success and will take the top 5 places in the ranking table of the best dropshipping goods for sale in 2020. You can add it to your store only on the assumption that this type of product allows you to easily focus on marketing. You can record a video guide on how to use it in a few steps. So, make sure to add these goods to your online store as long as they are in hot demand.

Posture Corrector

In many aging countries, products that help maintain posture are a hit. Many office workers from these countries are increasingly interested in improving mobility, because the more mobile you are, the more happiness and productivity you get. 

Judging by the name, such products for the preservation of posture directly affect the reduction of the spinal cord during physical influences and stressful situations. People with back or neck pain will experience the most performance. You can build a customer base of the most interested persons by type of elderly people or it can be banal office employees, and then you should take care of creating ads concretizing the benefits of owning this kind of product.

Beard Oil

Trends in beard oils have grown very strongly over the past five years according to Google Trends. In some men, the use of such oils causes hair growth on the stomach. In fact, companies like Beard Brand specialize in turning weakly pronounced areas of hair into real pronounced bushes. Many women, in turn, find this attractive, with the vast majority of women pointing out that facial hair emphasizes male sexuality. 

As a rule, beard oils contain useful vitamins and essential oils. Just a couple of drops of these oils can eliminate the lack of protein, thereby eliminating the problems associated with poor hair growth and as a bonus, such products are quite simply promoted on sites such as Instagram. To promote, you just need to use popular hashtags like #beradgrowth #beardgame #alphaman, etc.. All you need is to find a person willing to post your product in their profile or history using these hashtags. There are many not particularly influential people who are willing to try your product for free in exchange for creating advertising posts.

Pet Jackets

It's no secret that the pet market is giant, specifically when it comes to dogs. If you take for example the United States, there are about 65 million homes contain a dog, and conforming to preliminary estimates in these homes live about 92 million dogs. What does that say? This suggests that you have even more potential customers. And judging by the fact that 1/3 of dog owners are millennials, this number will soon grow.

Clothing for pets is the most hyped purchase, that’s why pet jackets are present in our list. These goods are available for every taste, so that will satisfy dogs of any breed. If your dog doesn’t like to get wet in the rain or you simply care about cleanliness in your car, then dog jackets also play an important role in such matters.

Phone Holder

The mobile phone accessories market is predicted to be worth about $ 110 billion in 2020. The market will always be in demand between both buyers and business owners, as it is quite popular. The most popular niche with neck phone holders - the following product in our list of 8 exclusive dropshipping goods to Sell in 2020.

A key feature of these products is the lack of keeping the phone in your hands while watching video content or video call. They allow you to relax by simply placing a clamp on your neck. This product can also replace your selfie stick or become a banal stand for your smartphone. Speaking of marketing, it would be more productive to use video marketing than to use typical static images, as a small video is ideal to show all the advantages of a product, as well as radically simplify the task. You will have more time for more important things, such as increasing sales or developing the business as a whole.


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