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Tips to Unflag eBay Account

By Karen Li

Tips to Unflag eBay Account
Compared with Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.self-hosted sites, eBay dropshipping outstands for less need to marketing and more traffics directly from eBay. However, eBay has a strict limit to dropshipping. As a result of this, your eBay account may get flagged quickly. To help beginners to avoid being flagged and get more sales, here I have some tips for beginners:

1. Common Factors that cause eBay account to be flagged

2. Tips to Avoid eBay account being Flagged
  • Be careful about your account information
  • Making the product information qualified.
  • Dropshipping with authorization of reselling

3. Tips for unflagging eBay account
  • Contact eBay customer service and work with them with a right attitude
Tips to Unflag eBay Account - ShopMaster free dropshipping solution

1. Common Factors that cause eBay account to be flagged

eBay flags your account for these three reasons commonly:
  • Overdue to pay the eBay transaction fees
It is easy to handle if your account is flagged due to this reason. Just pay the bill, and you can get your account back.
  • Overdue to pay the refund that eBay take for you
To a satisfying shopping experience, when clients ask for a refund, to leave an impression of quick response, eBay may pay it for you. If you don't pay it back in time, eBay will flag your account. Just refer to the solution of a. You can unflag the account easily.
  • Mispresent items’ location
Making the item location information in your listing is the same as the postage location information. If you use different information, your account can be flagged easily.
  • Violate eBay selling policies
Here are some common-to-see violations that cause eBay to flag your account:
a. VERO - Verified Rights Owner. Listing information contains information that infringes the intellectual property of others. Such as copyright, trademarks, patent .etc
b. List prohibited and restricted products. Here is the list for your reference.
c. Publish images that have copyright. It frequently happens when you use others' image directly.
d. False comments. Such as getting positive reviews by a partial refund.
e. Avoiding eBay fees by misleading clients place orders privately from you directly instead of on eBay

2. Tips to Avoid eBay account being Flagged

Many eBay dropshippers think eBay decrease the impressions for those upload product information through API and regard that they account get flagged due to this. The answer to this is “No”. eBay flags you because the performance of your account and has nothing to do with what kind of tools / software to list the products. Here are some necessary things you really need to do if you don’t want to be flagged.
  • Be careful about your account information
In case of eBay accounts are associated, do not sign up multiple eBay accounts from the same computer and IP. Don't use the same address, bank information for different accounts. So, if you want to modify the address information, contact the customer firstly, or your account may be suspended!
  • Making the product information qualified
In case of infringement, you should check the product's title, description, item-specific carefully to promise that there is no infringement information. About the images, you are suggested to use white background pictures.
  • Dropshipping with suppliers' authorization of reselling
Many talking about eBay is cracking down dropshipping. eBay allows dropshipping. However, they only permit to dropship from wholesale suppliers. Drop shipping from retailers is prohibited on eBay. So you are suggested to dropshipping from wholesale suppliers who are a willing sign an agreement with you and authorize you the right of reselling. With this agreement, you will not be flagged because of dropshipping. Here is some top-performing dropshipping supplier platform for you to find such suppliers.

What's more, eBay will not regard you as dropshipper at the beginning of selling. They judge from your account performance. So, if you want to dropship on eBay from retailers, keep your account in an excellent performance. Such as maintaining orders delivered in time, dealing with customer complaints reasonably, etc. That is why many dropshipper turns to source from the US, UK-based suppliers to promise a quicker delivery. If you want to do like this, you can use a free dropshipping tool named ShopMaster that support to import from the US, UK warehouses with quicker delivery.

3. Tips for unflagging eBay account

If your account is flagged, what should you do to get your account back? That is my answer: Contacting eBay customer service and work with them with a right attitude. Here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1:
Reading the email that eBay tells you the account is suspended carefully. You should know these 2 points after reading this email: the reason for being suspended and the actions you are asked to do if you want to unflag the account. Then work with eBay and submit the document needed through email. If there is a happy ending. Congratulations! You are so lucky!

Tips to Unflag eBay Account - ShopMaster free dropshipping solution

What if eBay still flags your account after step 1? Then you need to contact eBay customer service by calling them.

Step 2:
Calling eBay customer service at +1-866-540-3229 when step 1 is ineffective.
Before making a call, you need to prepare this information:
-eBay user ID
-The email that eBay sent to you that inform you of the account being flagged ( To make them know why you are calling them)
-Case ID ( contained in the email)
Keeping patient and professional when calling them. It is normal to take hours to have conversations with eBay customer services as you may need to talk with different people. So, be a good attitude and try your best to persuade them professionally. You need to let them know you'd like to work with from the deep of heart to get your account back.

Tips to Unflag eBay Account - ShopMaster free dropshipping solution

 Step 3:
I hope you will never go to step 3 once you get flagged. This step is talking about what if you fail after step 1 and 2. That means you fail to get back your account. That is a sad story, but you still move on. It is hard to unflag your original account now. If you want to sell on eBay continually, then you need to start with a new account. Use different information to sign up a new eBay account and start again.

The most important thing to avoid flagging is knowing eBay selling policies as much as you can. Don't risky and want to make money overnight. There are many other ways for you to unflag your account, if you have ever succeeded, you ‘re welcomed to share it with us and help more dropshippers like you.

Happy dropshipping!