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Is Dropshipping The Right Choice For You in 2020?

By Rodney Laws

Is Dropshipping The Right Choice For You in 2020?
Starting a business is a bold venture.

The ability to work for yourself is an attractive prospect, and with the plethora of DIY online store builders, affordable marketing tools, and plugins available to the everyday entrepreneur, there’s nothing stopping you from starting your own business at home.

But what kind of business should you start? For many, dropshipping is a great first port of call. Simple, straightforward, but with a lot of potentials, it’s a strong first choice for many entrepreneurs.

If you’re considering this route, read on to determine whether dropshipping is the right choice for you in 2020.

No experience? No problem

One of the biggest appeals of dropshipping for entrepreneurs in 2020 is that it requires virtually zero experience.

In general retail, there is a lot to get right, and thus a lot to get wrong too. From negotiating rates with your product suppliers to establishing a fair and sustainable cost of goods sold, there’s a lot to get to grips with for the first-time entrepreneur.

But with dropshipping, it’s a lot easier. The process is clearly defined and more streamlined than other types of eCommerce.

Virtually every other aspect of your business is done for you, from creating and packaging the products to fulfilling logistics. All you need to do is source the final products, present them on your online store, and focus on your marketing efforts to drum up customers.

Get up and running with ease

Dropshipping is also remarkably easy to set up. Most good content management systems or eCommerce platforms support dropshipping — the ShopMaster plugin connects with eBay, 3dcart, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wish so you can create a dropshipping store that suits your needs.

Consequently, all you need to do is create a sales channel with one of the aforementioned sales channels and find a dropshipping supplier to source your products from. AliExpress is one of the most popular, and the ShopMaster plugin acts as a go-between between your preferred supplier and your sales channel.

These plugins and DIY sales channels negate the need for complex coding or setup processes. Simply design a sales platform using an intuitive builder, connect with a supplier via the plugin, and start marketing your business.

Run your dropshipping business from anywhere in the world

It won’t have escaped your attention that we are in the midst of a pandemic right now. As a result, many of us are in lockdown, either in furlough or working from home.

But for dropshipping merchants, this doesn’t pose a problem. Your dropshipping business can be operated from anywhere in the world — this is one of the basic tenets of dropshipping. No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can stay on top of your dropshipping business with ease.

This is because dropshipping takes away the need for any office or storage space. Your product handling and order fulfillment are handled by a third-party, so you don’t need to be onsite for any of these processes.

Not only does this save you time and money, but it also lets you work flexibly according to your own needs.

A business model that requires very little maintenance

Setting up a dropshipping business is easy, as I have highlighted throughout this article. But it’s also surprisingly low maintenance too. Beyond adjusting your prices according to need and adding or removing a few products here and there, all you need to do for the most part is focus on your marketing efforts.

This makes dropshipping perfect for first-time entrepreneurs who are looking to learn the ropes. Maybe you want to start small and then move onto other types of ecommerce, or perhaps you want to build a thriving dropshipping store in its own right, or complemented by other products.

Dropshipping is also ideal as a side hustle too. If you already work another job but want to start building a little empire of your own on the side, dropshipping gives you a fluid, flexible business model with the time and space to grow.

Dropshipping is easy to get started with, simple to understand, and offers considerable growth for businesses in 2020. If you’re inspired by the above, take your first step into the world of dropshipping today.