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How Social Media Can be a Niche for Sale of Dropshipping Products

By Dominic Beaulieu

How Social Media Can be a Niche for Sale of Dropshipping Products

Social media has revolutionized the world as we knew it and has had a significant impact on the business models of many companies. For many e-commerce businesses, social media has proven to be a powerful tool to market products, create brand awareness, and generate sales. For instance, dropshipping is one of the many businesses that significantly benefits from the power of social media to increase profitability. 

What is dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce business that allows for companies to sell physical products to consumers online, without having to own a warehouse, keep an inventory, or deal with shipping and handling. All you need for dropshipping is a website, and partnership with a dropship wholesaler/distributor to start this business. 

In this article, we will be examining how to use social media to sell products on your dropshipping business. 

❖    Decide on the best strategy for your business 

Before harnessing the power of any social media platform, you will first have to determine the most suitable marketing strategy for your dropshipping business, based on your goals. Every company seeks to achieve different purposes and knowing this goal will help you decide on the best strategy. 
Some goals that can help generate sales include:-

  1. Increase traffic to your website 
  2. Broadening your audience 
  3. Attract interest in your products

To increase traffic to your website, you will have to use a social media platform that exposes your business to a wide audience and also has call-to-action buttons that will help direct people to your site. You can also use translation services like The Word Point to localize your website's content to foreign audiences visiting your site.

❖    Know your target audience

Knowing your target audience allows you to determine the best social media platform to concentrate on to generate sales. Some of the most influential social media platforms for advertising include Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. The Kind of products you sell and the demographic/niche you cater to is essential in determining the best platform. 
Demographic factors include:- 

  1. Occupation 
  2. Marital status 
  3. Gender 
  4. Age
  5. Income 
  6. Level of Education 
  7. Number of Children 

For example, If your products are bought mostly by young people aged 18-24, the social media platforms you will need to concentrate your marketing strategies on will be Snapchat and Instagram. If women are your target audience, then Pinterest is the way to go as 41% of women use this site as opposed to only 16% male. If your products are targeted towards professionals who have college degrees or high-income households, LinkedIn will be the best social media platform for you because 50% of American college graduates use this site as opposed to 9% of those that hold just high school diplomas. 

Therefore, doing your research and determining your target audience goes a long way in making sure you are concentrating your efforts on the right social media platform. 

❖    Quality Content

 The right content on your company’s social media page is a great way to engage your customers, which indirectly helps in increasing sales.
Some of the ways to keep your content engaging include:- 

  1. News about trending topics that relate to your products 
  2. Well-structured giveaways contests 
  3. Exciting content from other consumers that have used your products
  4. Inspirational quotes and messages that help symbolize/personalize your brand 
  5. Quizzes and Polls to drive customer engagement 

Engaging content on your social media page is one of the best ways to facilitate brand-consumer engagement, which indirectly helps increase sales. 

❖    Sales Approach 

The right sales approach for your dropshipping business depends largely on the number of following your business has on social media. There are different sales approaches which are mainly classified into:-

  1. Indirect sales approach 
  2. Direct sales approach 
  3. Influence marketing
➔    Indirect sales approach
This approach favors drop shipping businesses that have a large or small online following. Here, with the use of promo codes, giveaways, and so on, your products get more visibility from customers.

➔    Direct sales approach 
This approach mostly favors drop shipping businesses that already have a substantial social media following. They can generate sales by directly advertising products and engaging with customers. Because of their following, they can quickly get more exposure and also attract potential customers outside of their following through likes, shares, retweets, re-pins, and so on. 

➔    Influence marketing 
This type of strategy involves the collaboration of your dropshipping business with a social media influencer. A social media influencer is an individual that has a large following on social media. With this approach, the influencer helps you market your product to their audience. This has proven to be an effective way to drive sales of your products. You will have to offer a form of compensation to this influencer e.g., money or freebies, for them to advertise the products on their social media accounts. 

Choosing the right influencer to market your products is very important. For example, selecting an influencer whose audience is mostly high school girls to market a soccer gaming app might not be the best strategy. The downside to this will be little to no sales because the majority of high school girls are not interested in soccer. 

❖    Social media Advertisements

Placing ads on social media has proven to be an effective way to market your products and drive traffic to your website. Of course, this will require some investment on your part, but compared to other advertising mediums, social media is by far the cheapest means.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Drop Shipping Business
  1. Generates traffic to your dropshipping website 
  2. Improves your websites search engine ranking 
  3. Create more avenues for customer-support  
  4. The cheapest platform for paid advertising  
  5. Helps improve your business engagement with customers 


Now that you understand how to use social media as a niche for the sale of dropshipping products, let’s look at some benefits of using social media for your dropshipping business. 

Businesses like dropshipping are enjoying the most from social media features when it comes to product marketing and sales drive. So, if you haven't tapped into this form of marketing for your dropshipping business, then you are missing out.

With the above-mentioned benefits and positive impact, social media has to offer your dropshipping business; you can set concrete sales and revenue goals, and watch them actualize. 


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Dominic Beaulieu is a gaming enthusiast turned tech writer who covers an impressive variety of topics like design, development process, game marketing, and helps developers with spreading the word about their creations. He is a fluent French speaker, who also has mastered Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish. He has experience in software translation, tech counseling, project management and digital marketing tailored for startups.