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10 things you need to consider when start dropshipping in 2021

By Joshua Sharp

10 things you need to consider when start dropshipping in 2021
In a year that looked like no other, people have started looking for more sustainable ways of living and working. At the same time, more and more people are looking for a side business idea as 2020 was a difficult year for many. Dropshipping is something that can expand your business and help you increase profit. It also has positive effects on the environment because it cuts the carbon emissions from transport. 

Dropshipping involves three parties: you, your supplier, and your client. When a client orders from you a product, you send the order details to your supplier and it sends the order directly to the client. This means that you do not have to bother with packaging or sending the orders. You just make the connection between the supplier and the client. 

Dropshipping is a nice business idea many people started to put into practice. However, there are a few mistakes you can make, as the dropshipping is a rather new one. And if this is your first business, you need to consider the following ten things for the next year. 


Do Not Dropship All the Products 

Even though dropshipping can help you relax and do not bother with shipping and packaging, it is not a suitable option for all the products. When starting your e-commerce business, you decide to sell some products. Some of them might be heavy, while others might be fragile. There might also be complex products that are usually bought in stores. 

People have high expectations when it comes to online orders and shipping. You would want to avoid the cases when you need to deal with angry customers. Paying for a product and receiving a damaged one is not something that will make your clients buy from you again. So better avoid these cases. 


Choose Your Niche 

When starting to incorporate dropshipping into your e-commerce business, you may think that having a store with a wide diversity of products will increase your profits. This is not always true, as this might make the process of finding your clients more difficult. The piece of advice would be to choose a niche. It will be much easier for you to target your potential customers and catch their attention. 

Shipping Duration 

Many people who start their dropshipping business make a fatal mistake. They select the worldwide delivery option because they know that their supplier can ship the product everywhere in the world. However, the shipping duration is different from country to country. For example, there are countries where the delivery is made in 15 days, while in others it can go up to 40 days. 

This might result in huge misunderstandings regarding the shipping time. It is something you cannot fully control and dealing with angry customers is something to be avoided. This is why it would be wise to research the shipping duration beforehand and focus primarily on countries with a low shipping duration. 


Shipping Notes 

One of the things many people who start their dropshipping business is missing to add shipping disclaimers on the website. For example, due to the holiday season and because orders have mainly shifted online, the delivery time might take longer. Customers need to know this, otherwise, they will get frustrated and angry waiting for their order. Adding a note with details about the shipping time will help your customers adapt to their expectations. And this will result in happier customers. 

SEO Trends 

Your business will not be successful without its customers, so targeting them and attracting them to your brand is important. When deciding on your store niche, it is important to take into consideration the latest SEO trends. See what people are searching for and aim to meet their expectations. SEO helps you target the right customers, catch their attention, and make them loyal to your brand. 

Build Your Ecommerce Store 
One of the most important things to consider when starting dropshipping in 2021 is building your e-commerce store. Your customers need to have a website to go to and inspect the products you are offering. It is much easier to compare them and decide upon the right one when they are all on the same website. Besides, they can save up some money if they order in bulk. 

Giveaways on Social Media 
People will be reticent to buy from you if you are new to the market. You may have amazing promotions, but if you have a low number of likes, they might avoid you. One way to get more clients and make them trust you is to run a giveaway on social media and offer some of your products for testing. This will make them trust you more and have the opportunity to test the products for free. 

Like Campaigns 
Another idea that can help you build your customer community online is running like campaigns. You may promise to everyone that likes your page and invites at least a few friends to do so vouchers on your website. This will also increase your community and give them the opportunity to interact with you as a brand, recommending it to their friends. 

Social Media Store 

Everything happens on social media and the platforms have recently introduced a new feature. You can set your Facebook and Instagram shop on their platforms and start advertising some of your products. This will increase your brand awareness and your business will grow. 

Secure Payment

One of the most important things to consider when starting dropshipping in 2021 is how the payment for the products is made. You need to offer your customers a safe and secure payment experience so that they will trust your brand. Do your research and decide on a gateway that accepts multiple card options and currencies. 



Dropshipping is one of the side businesses many people started. However, to avoid some common mistakes you need to be careful what decisions you make. Choose to offer your customers a secure and fast payment, inform them on the shipping time, and organize campaigns and giveaways on social media. To make your business successful, you need to take care not only of the delivery process but of the brand image as well. 


About the author

Joshua Sharp is a professional writer and blogger from Oxford, who is working as a journalist in a local professional essay writing service. He is interested in traveling, different cultures, and social connections. 

He started work as an author of the blog, which connected with cultural differences. He is professional in media, art, public relations, and different news. Also, he is fond of psychology.